Want to be able to sell when sales isn't really your thing?


This free e-course is designed to help sensible non-sales people to get their sales wheels turning

This isn't some hyped up get-rich-quick e-course. It's not claiming to be a magic button that has sales pouring in. And it's certainly not a course that teaches you how to rip off the "less discerning half of the internet". Those courses are round the next corner.

No, this is an e-course for sensible people who find that selling doesn't come naturally, but have something valuable to sell to the right buyers, in a trustworthy, respectful and comfortable way.

Specifically, this FREE e-course will walk you through 10 steps over 10 days to think through and build a valuable, actionable 'sales plan'. The end result will increase your clarity and self-belief, have you boldly facing the right way, and will ultimately increase your chances of creating a steadier flow of clients and sales. And you'll discover plenty of useful tips along the way...

  • 10 emails, 10 steps, 10 days

    Short, punchy, actionable 'paint by numbers' approach

  • Free interactive workbook

    Build and organise your plan with my guidance

  • Expose your blind spots

    Reveals some things worth knowing that make selling easier

  • Access to free members content library

    Get full members only access to plenty of other free resources

  • Weekly emails on "The Big 4 Skills"

    Weekly posts on how to sell, position yourself, learn faster and manage yourself better

I'm Mark Moore and I help non-sales consultants to sell more effectively, comfortably and enjoyably. I've had the pleasure of working with top global consulting firms internationally, including McKinsey and Company, Capgemini, KPMG and Apple, working with accountants, lawyers, management consultants and engineers (see my site www.HelpPeopleBuy.com for more.)

Over the years I've spotted common patterns and challenges that intelligent non-sales people face, and have helped people design workarounds that help them progress and succeed in a way that suits their own style and strengths.

And since more people are setting themselves up to work as independent consultants or small business owners, I now want to provide the same support to individuals too.